ONLY Central Diagnostics can provide Quality of International Standard, Because Central Diagnostics is accredited since Aug 1st , 2003.

It is the only lab. in Bihar which has got experience of working as per International guidelines.

Always Upgrading the Quality
Laboratory has developed itself to produce test results of International Quality maintaining all specified Standards.

Central Diagnostics fulfills all the criteria of “ISO 15189 : 2003 – Medical Laboratory – particular requirements for quality and competence”.”

Central Diagnostics has been duly audited as per said ISO 15189 : 2003 in the month of Sept 2006. All the NCs raised have been duly closed.

It is the only accredited laboratory by NABL.

Accommodation and Environment

Central Diagnostics has acquired 9000 sq. feet and developed it specifically for functioning of Medical Laboratory as per the criteria.
Proper attention has been paid to biological sterility, electromagnetic disturbances, humidity, temperature, sound and vibration levels etc.

Proper Electric Supply
Without fluctuation in voltage, 24 hrs uniform electric supply has been provided.
Distance between two equipments is such that these do not interfere with each others electromagnetic field.

Central Diagnostics has got total trained staff strength of till Feb 28th , 07. technicians are working in two shifts in main laboratory at Patna. All technicians are trained and guided to produce the International Standard test results after joining. 4 SPECIALISTS are working here.

Proper equipments are used to fulfill the International Standards in terms of Precision and Accuracy.
Equipments are well maintained and calibrated as per guidelines in said ISO 15189 : 2003.”
Equipments from reputed company do not assure that, it is accurate and precise. Recently, we had to stop using equipments of two well renowned companies from France and England as these were not fulfilling the required criteria.
We came to know about their defect by proper monitoring as per above criteria. ( This is mentioned here to impress upon you the need & importance of accreditation.)

All the equipments are interfaced with the main server computer. Test results from equipments are directly transferred to patient’s file. It eliminates transcription errors.

Inhouse softwares
It takes care of Centralized patients booking & issuing work slips, Issue of receipts/ bill to the patients, Recording of Lab. results, Printing of the reports, Maintenance of daily collection, balance Management of reports as reference laboratory wise collection Keeping patient’s history, Diagnosis wise trend & View results of a period with statistical and graphical presentation for QC.