At PHC level
» Samples from patients are drawn.
» They are processed immediately and cool packed for transportation to District Hospitals through own courier system.At District Hospital
Samples are received from patients of :
» District Hospital and
» All PHCs of that District.
» All the routine tests are packed and sent to main laboratory as per specified protocol.
» Quality Manuals as per guidelines are available there.
» Staff at DH are trained as per QM.
» Emergency Testing
» Only emergency tests are performed at District Hospitals.
» Authority letter is delivered to the Technical Staff to perform the tests and report it.
» Control over the results of Emergency Testing
» Samples which has been tested are sent to main lab. for reconfirmation.
» QC samples are sent from main lab regularly and results are analysed statistically.
At District Hospital : Emergency Tests
Following tests has been defined as Emergency Tests:
» Blood Sugar,
» Blood Urea,
» Hemoglobin Percentage,
» Blood group,
» Serum Electrolyte,
» Sugar and albumin in urine &
» Pregnancy test in urine

For each District Hospital, emergency tests will be selected depending on demand, co-operation of clinicians and infrastructure available at that place.

Main Laboratory
From all over samples keep reaching the MAIN LABORATORY at Patna.
The analysis goes here uninterrupted, backed by proper UPS and generator. Laboratory works in two shifts. Skilled and devoted staff operate the equipments and experts of the field keep constant vigil and screen each and every report. The reports, when completed with proper authentication are printed at District Hospitals.

We are capable of handling 4000 samples a day.